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Executive Speakers Bureau

Vision Video & Storytelling

Executive Speakers Bureau

What we did:

You know those giant keynote speakers with crazy background stories and motivational insight?  Executive Speakers Bureau is the one who represents them, finds them, arranges the logistics, and works behind the scenes to make it all work - both for the organization needing a speaker AND for the speakers themselves.


They needed a way to communicate their unique way of "handling” their speaker relationships in a way that compelled the best of the best in the buisiness to want to be represented by ESB.

Step 1 - Don’t try to do it all in one video!

Step 2 - Create a video that gives speakers a glimpse into the secret magic that makes ESB special.


In order to do this we had to spend time with Angela and Richard Schelp, along with their team, to help them identify what makes them special.  

And then, we had to show it and make the audience feel it in a way that felt genuine and authentic.

Video ONE - ESB from the perspective of the speakers who partner with them.

Video TWO - ESB from behind-the-scenes.  What does it take to pull this off.


They’re the best in the business!  And now we hope the world can see why!

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