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The Road to 10 Million

Documentary & Storytelling

Samaritan's Feet

What we did:

In collaboration with Samaritan's Feet, Creation Studios embarked on a transformative journey to share the remarkable story of Manny and Tracie Ohonme's mission to provide 10 million pairs of shoes to those in need over two decades. Titled "The Road to 10 Million," this campaign aimed to showcase the resilience, compassion, and unwavering dedication exemplified by the Ohonmes, while emphasizing the profound impact of simple acts of kindness on individuals' lives.

We were thrilled to craft 'The Road to 10 Million' for Samaritan's Feet, showcasing the incredible journey of Manny and Tracie Ohonme. Through our strategic storytelling and engagement, we witnessed firsthand the transformative power of digital marketing in amplifying the impact of nonprofits. Inspiring countless individuals to join the cause, we are proud to continue supporting Samaritan's Feet in their mission to facilitate positive change in communities worldwide.

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