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What they needed:

Looking for a golf club that is as much about fun as it is about golf? Come see the all new Timber Truss Golf Course. They needed help getting people to understand the true vision behind their course, and ultimately getting people to join their club.


Hang out with these guys for ten minutes and you’ll know why they aren't just any golf course.  And you’ll probably buy a set of clubs. 

What we did:

When you open the door and let us in, anything can happen. And that's exactly what we found when we stepped into Timber Truss Golf Course - a wild adventure filled with realness, authenticity, bonfires and plenty of fun events! Spending time with Jon and his team over 3 months gave us insight like never before; from seeing them hustle to keep the course in pristine shape to sippin' on some brewskis behind the clubhouse. We've captured it all so you can feel just as much energy through our lens as those who visit there do themselves! Imagine if the PGA grabbed a couple of six packs and some friends from college and had a ‘let-loose’ weekend in Mississippi - you might get close to what Timber Truss Golf Course is all about. We knew from the beginning we needed to capture the authenticity and feel good vibes that the course puts on.

Timber Truss Golf Course

Documentary & Storytelling

Timber Truss Golf Course

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