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What they needed:

When one of the most reputable car magazines in the world calls, you answer.


Hemmings came to us wanting to show off our hometown Memphis, TN. It all started a couple years ago when Edelbrock moved it’s HQ to the area. The task was to show off everything a car-enthusiast would be interested in if they were to visit Memphis. 

What we did:

They didn’t come to us with a list of things do. Instead, they trusted us as the hometown experts on the must-see, and more importantly, must-eat places to try while in town. And what better way to show off Memphis than to cruise around in an antique hotrod!


If you’re ever curious about where you should plan your next trip…jump in the car and head this way. 


One Perfect Day

Documentary and Storytelling

Hemmings Motor Sports

Documentary and Storytelling

Hemmings Motor Sports


"Creation Studios has the ability and innate talent to turn an idea into a working, well-told story and that's not an easy task. The team works so well together that even I couldn't phase them with my hair-brained ideas. Friends forever!"


Daniel Stoner

Hemmings Motor Sports

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