Genesis Offroad

  • Brand Photography, Product Photography, Video

What they needed:

Genesis Offroad is one of those companies that you hear about and think "of course that exists!" but you would never think of it yourself! Shane has created modifications for Jeeps, Toyota's, Fords, and more to give them a longer life when offroaders are literally off the road. The problem - he didn't have any photos of his modified SUVs that he owned! He needed printing rights, advertising rights, and he wanted a style that matched his brand.

What we did:

  • Location Sourcing & Scouting
  • Vision-casting
  • Composite Photography
  • Post-Production & Photoshop
  • Advertising & Marketing Rights

‚ÄčOh... and this all had to happen in Memphis, TN.

Lifestyle Photography

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Brand Photography

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